Senate GOP defends rebuking Warren with obscure action

If leftists want to shut down free speech by the Right because they deem it “hateful” or “racist”, then it’s time Elizabeth Warren got a taste of her own medicine. They’re quick to confront conservatives over a variety of issues and take the juvenile approach to dismiss their arguments based on emotion. And that’s why the Democratic Party will have such a hard time readjusting its base in the next two and four years (not saying it would be impossible – just difficult). The core of their arguments come from making Americans “feel bad” over a certain demographic and paint anyone in the opposition as hateful for disagreeing. Too many people fall victim to this fallacy and consequently fail to engage in any kind of civil discourse or productive debate over issues that actually matter. The Left has been silencing conservative Americans for the past eight years and they just got a taste of their own medicine. Deal with it.

Senate Republicans Wednesday strongly defended their decision to employ a rarely-used and arcane Senate rule to cut off Sen. Elizabeth Warren late Tuesday, even though the move has turned into a publicity bonanza for the progressive senator and brought fresh attention to longstanding Democratic concerns about attorney general nominee Sen. Jeff Sessions.